Fussy Marketing is a full service marketing consultancy

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Fussy Marketing provides clients with the convenience of a virtual marketing department, or who acts as an extension of your existing marketing. Our expertise covers a diverse fields of marketing such as marketing strategies and plans, campaign management, social and digital, production and ongoing evaluation and reporting.

Market research and planning

At the start of every project, Fussy Marketing will work with you through the market research phase – the most important phase in any project to ensure that there is an understanding of the market sentiment and where you will position your brand or campaign accordingly. Market research projects within the scope of our agency include:

  • One to one interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups

Once the results are collated, our consultants will present the research outcomes to your team that will become the foundations for an informed marketing strategy or campaign.

Marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy should be concise, fact oriented, easy to follow and inspiring. Fussy Marketing believes that research should form the basis for any effective marketing strategy – after all, how do you know where you are going if you are unsure of what the market is up to? Our consultants will work with you to develop a customised research project, which forms the basis for the marketing strategy. The typical process involved in marketing strategy development with Fussy Marketing include:

  • Project brief and charter
  • Market research
  • Team workshop to review report and plan next steps
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Implementation (ongoing)
  • Quarterly review of marketing strategy performance
  • Continuous improvement to the strategy document

Digital marketing

On average companies are spending 35% of their total marketing budget on digital channels and this is expected to increase according to a report by the CMO.com.au, yet only 33% of Australian marketers say they are effective at content marketing according to a report by the Australian Direct Marketing Institute of Australia (ADMA).

Given content drives response – not necessarily the amount of spend on your digital media - these statistics are worrying. Effective digital marketing is a combination of effective content and using the right channel to reach your audience.

Fussy Marketing evaluates your existing digital marketing channels and content plan and applies insights gained from market research to determine the best channels and messaging to use to effectively reach your audience. If your audience is not using social media – we simply won’t recommend it for the sake of it – it is about spending your time, money and energy on the most effective channels matched with a meaningful content plan. Digital marketing services include:

  • Research to determine most effective channels for your audience
  • Digital marketing plan including budget and timings
  • Implementation of the digital marketing plan
  • Evaluation and reporting

Popular services Fussy Marketing can provide include website design and development, Google AdWords and SEM management, Facebook advertising, content plans for social media and online advertising design and implementation